Prompt service & consulting

On-site support

When you run into problems, or just need assistance with your PC's, Network, Applications, or Server(s), DJ's Computer Consulting will be there for on-site help. At $85/hr, DJ's Computer Consulting provides the most affordable IT Support around.


If you engage in planning for your technology needs, a consultation with us will lead to a clear picture of your technology goals and a forecast of delivery. With DJ's Computer Consulting, your wants and needs are forecasted and delivered.

Eco-friendly hardware

We like brands who produce eco-friendly PC's and Servers, which are designed for a long product lifecycle, including, eventually, e-waste recycling. What's best for the environment ultimately leads to a healthier and happier planet to live in.

Networking needs

Switches, routers, telephony and cabinets can be maintained to satisfy your changing requirements. Ultimately people are relying on your systems being highly secure and running ultra fast.

Custom applications

Whether it's a social media app, or any number of interactive user or client experiences, DJ's Computer Consulting meets your app needs with state-of-the-art programming.

Multi-purpose Servers

Virtual servers already at a datacenter are best, otherwise second-hand servers are good on-premisis where suitable, and can be a cost saver.